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What is dry eye?

Dry eye occurs when your eyes are not sufficiently lubricated due to inadequate quality or quantity of tears. Essential components like oils, fluid, and mucus are crucial for maintaining the comfort and health of the eye. The lack of these components may lead to temporary or persistent challenges with your eyes and vision.

Why it’s important to get Dry Eye checked:

Allowing dry eye to linger untreated can lead to a compromised quality of life and escalate into severe complications, with potential damage to the surface of the eye due to inflammation. V EYE P focuses on providing individualized care, ensuring that your eyes receive the attention and precision they truly deserve.


Take our Dry Eye quiz today!

1. Identify Symptoms

Reflect on your daily visual experiences. Are there moments when your eyes feel uncomfortable or strained, like when you are in front of a computer or in a dry, air-conditioned environment? A feeling of relief when you close your eyes can be a subtle hint towards dry eye.

2. Take Quiz

Navigate through our assessment, marking each symptom that resonates with your daily experiences. The goal is to be as genuine as possible to ensure that we can provide the most accurate guidance.

3. Receive Your Results

We’ll promptly send you a customized breakdown of your results, ensuring that your details remain confidential and well-protected. Your pathway to clearer, more comfortable vision begins here.